I’ve known Dan for about five years, he brought his son Reece to my club Bromleians FC. At first he was a parent on the touchline, but I noticed that he always showed a keen interest in football and helping people. He would often be the first at training with Reece doing mini drills and trying to improve Reece.

In 2017, an opportunity came about for coaching at Bromleians. I asked Dan to get involved as my coach and within a season, we won our first trophy and just kept winning!!! Dan was passionate about how the game should be played and would develop session plans that would reflect game situations. 

We added in data and Dan would analyse the information and then have a plan of how we would approach the next game. It worked!!! We ended up winning three out of the four trophies available for that year. I could tell Dan was someone that liked to challenge himself and it wasn’t a surprise, but it was disappointing when he said he wanted to move on and try his coaching elsewhere.  I tried to persuade him otherwise, but with Dan, once he has made his mind up, he usually sticks to it!!

Dan and I built up a really good rapport and I would trust him with my son, he motivates, makes things fun, but keeps the end in mind.

Bromleians’ loss is another club’s gain and I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a decent bloke and one that has the ability to improve people that come into contact with him. 

Good luck Dan

Gary Picardo - Bromleians FC Manager February 2020

I have known Daniel for a long time, however came into closer contact over the last two years. He is a senior manager in my department and offered to performance coach me. We signed an agreement to keep things confidential and we met over a period of time, the sessions were about one hour long.  At first it felt really nice, he listened to me, reflected back to me what I said, and left me to think things through for myself and come up with a plan and commit to actions that I need to take. 

I wanted a new job and needed to do things to develop myself to get myself to the best position possible. Daniel challenged me and helped me to focus and reflect on who I am, how I think and how important time is and how I could use this better. When he asked me direct questions, I’ll be honest it was tough…. However when I reflect, he was getting me to focus on what I said I wanted and find out if I really wanted it!

I now have secured a new job as a Project Manager I feel happy and want to say thank you to Daniel. He really is good at getting people to be the best that they can be!! I would recommend him as a life or performance coach.

Sadia Deen -
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