Developing People no matter who you are


I have always had a passion for helping and developing people. There is no greater buzz than watching someone that I have come into contact with go on to achieve their goals or aspirations (no matter how big or small).

In the daytime I am senior management within the Housing Department for a London Authority, this involves delivering strategic aims around:

  • Preventing homelessness and eliminating rough sleeping
  • Helping households to find accommodation,
  • Supporting tenants and landlords to maintain good relationships,
  • Providing welfare support to residents in need,
  • Ensuring that the Council has applied the law correctly in housing relating matters
  • Providing opportunities for young people in the community in particular care leavers
  • Delivering excellent customer services.

I am actively involved in policy decisions, government funding and regularly deliver speaking events at national conferences, produce national articles in homelessness and have been on the BBC News

I have also been delivering life coaching services for many years. As a Life Coach, I deal with each of my client’s issues on an individual basis and determine the proper strategy for their needs.

Finally, I have been coaching youth football for several years acting as a role model for young athletes assigned to my team. The key areas of focus for the young people I coach are sportsmanship, fair play, and full participation, which are all mandatory staples of my sessions

Mr Ferlance
Company Director
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